About us - Helsingin Laulu







Helsingin Laulu – The Song of Helsinki – is a cheerfully enthusiastic, energetic, aspiring mixed choir of about 40 singers. The choir is conducted by Dr. Hanna Remes. We are goal-oriented and put a lot of emphasis on working well together. High musical quality, a well-pitched sound and our own recognizable tone are important to us. In Helsingin Laulu, you van always rely on your fellow singer: each of us bears responsibility for his/her own voice and place in the voice group.

The choir was founded in 1951, so 2021 is our seventieth anniversary!


Hanna Remes

The artistic director of the choir Hanna Remes (b. 1973) is a Doctor of Music and a music pedagogue who has conducted Helsingin Laulu since 1998. She is artistic director also for Kilven Kuoro, SonorEnsemble and FluoCanto, the choir of the Finnish Mixed Choir Association.

Hanna Remes works in the Diocese of Helsinki as the diocesan secretary.



Margit Tuokko is a versatile opera singer and music pedagogue who works as a singing teacher for several different choirs and gives private lessons in singing. She performs as a soloist and a member of choir in various ensembles and also gives her own concerts.